Here's the surprising outcome of a recent police shooting . . .

KCPD & The Jackson County Prosecutor's office seem to be mending fences following the departure of former Chief Smith.

Remember that bitter debates between these two institutions raged for years and worsened during the pandemic.

Amid the historic local murder count . . . It's nice to see somebody getting along.

Take a peek . . .

On Wednesday, she said she’s getting more access from KCPD when looking into these types of cases.

"I'm really encouraged that there's been sort of a shifting of trust or a shifting of how quickly my staff is allowed in,” she said.

“On Sunday evening I was able to go to the scene. I was able to see video at the scene, so there’s a much more fluid working relationship now.”Peters Bakers is not sure when she’ll make a determination based on the evidence. She said the goal is to be transparent throughout the process.

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Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Jean Peters Baker details investigation process of police shootings

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Surveillance video exclusively obtained by KSHB 41 News provided better picture of what happened late Sunday night at a Kansas City, Missouri, gas station where police shot and killed a 31-year-old man . On Wednesday, KSHB 41 spoke with Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney Jean Peters Baker.

Going 360: Examining surveillance video after Kansas City police shoot, kill man

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police shot and killed a man at a Kansas City, Missouri, gas station Sunday night, and KSHB 41 News exclusively obtained surveillance video Wednesday showing a clearer picture of what happened. The 47 second video shows the moments leading up to and the immediate aftermath of the shooting, which happened on East 55th Street and Prospect Avenue.

Mayor Lucas: Communication, transparency key to salvaging trust after police shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Mayor Quinton Lucas has zeroed in on building trust between the Kansas City, Missouri, community and its police department as foundational to combating crime, especially on the city's East Side where he grew up. He's repeatedly called for transparency and accountability as central to that mission, but there's still work to do - for Lucas and the KCPD.

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