Mean Jean Seyz Kansas City Police Have No Accountability!!!

In the aftermath of a press event by prominent local civil rights activists demanding federal investigation of Kansas City police, a high-ranking elected officials echos complaints and takes her remarks one step further.

To wit, TKC shares the word right from the courthouse website and incendiary remarks that local media seem to be politely ignoring . . . 

In an open letter Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker supports the allegations of activists and offers her own critique. 

More to the point . . .


Here is a quote from the letter listing her allegations . . .

* Too many excessive force and deadly force incidents involving minority community members as victims exist. Currently, five police officers are facing charges related to excessive force; yet, they remain on the force with pay.

* The community has no trust in the investigation of these incidents. Most excessive force cases remain under investigation by the department itself. In recent months, outside police agency agreed to investigate fatal officer-involved incidents. But the community’s belief that these investigations are not truly independent of KCPD has only grown. Such distrust promises to increase violence in our most harmed urban neighborhoods.

* The overall governance of the department, a state board appointed by a governor with little support in our urban community, is deeply troubling. Kansas City is the only major city in America with no control over its police department. This simply increases distrust and offers few options for the community to address their concerns. The police board and police command can simply ignore the community. 

Here's the open letter finale and a SCATHING allegation against KCPD . . .

"Kansas City’s police department suffers from many problems identified in cities now in turmoil about their police force. It has no accountability to our community; it has lost the community’s confidence that excessive force will be rooted out and stopped; and the harm from all of this falls in greatest portion on the city’s minority community. My office stands ready to assist in your efforts."

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Civil Rights Groups Call For U.S. Justice Department Investigation Of Kansas City Police

A coalition of civil rights groups on Monday called on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the Kansas City Police Department for a high rate of violence against Black and Latino people, racist hiring practices and the department's lack of local control.

Activist groups call for federal investigation into KCPD

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Urban Council, along with several other civil rights organizations in Kansas City, asked the Department of Justice to conduct a civil rights investigation into the Kansas City Police Department on Monday.

Local civil rights leaders want Department of Justice to investigate the KCPD

Some Kansas City civil rights leaders want the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the Kansas City Police Department from top to bottom.The group says they want an investigation like the DOJ's investigation of the Ferguson Police Department in 2015.

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