Kansas City Confronts Monkeypox Surge

Earlier this Summer we noted the first case of monkeypox diagnosed in Kansas City

And then our blog community was the FIRST to report a plan for KC to serve as a "hub" for the vaxx

Now . . .The backstory on this latest update is that MORE MONKEYPOX CASES are starting to emerge despite the best efforts at prevention. 

Here's the upshot . . .

The Kansas City Missouri Health Department is one of just five places in the state storing the Monkeypox vaccine.

"Right now, we are only providing vaccine to those that we know have been confirmed or contact to a confirmed case," Tiffany Wilkinson, division manager of communicable disease prevention for the department said.

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Public health officials in Kansas City area stand ready if Monkeypox outbreak occurs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As of Monday, there are 10 cases of Monkeypox in Missouri and just one in Kansas, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Public Health leaders hope it remains low, but are ready if the Kansas City area experienced a surge.