Double Down: Spate Of Gunfire TOTES Didn't Shut Down Plaza Starbucks!!! AMRITE?!?!

And so . . . Yet another Kansas City conversation has grown silly and pointless.

Check a bit of contradictory "journalism" whilst mainstream media newsies attempt to spin a local event for the benefit of Prez Kamala, Don Jr. or whomever . . .

"Kansas City police’s crime map showed that from June 1 to Aug. 22, there were no incidents reported at the Starbucks location."

However . . . JUST AS WE NOTED LAST WEEK . . . 

Earlier this month, there was an exchange of gunfire in the parking garage adjacent to the Starbucks, according to police.

Officers were in the area of 47th and Wyandotte Street when they heard “a large amount” shots being fired coming from the southwest about 9 p.m. on Aug. 14, said Capt. Leslie Foreman, a KCPD spokesperson.

Officers did not find any victims or active threats. Based on information police gathered, it appeared that people had fired shots at each other and after the gunfire ceased, they all fled, she said.

One business in the area had property damage from the gunfire.

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Starbucks says it closed its Plaza cafe for safety worries, but workers claim it's union busting

When Steve Henson came to work Monday as a shift supervisor at the Country Club Plaza Starbucks, he had no idea he'd be out of a job before his shift was done. A flyer signed by the store manager and the Starbucks district manager posted at 3:30 p.m.

How bad is crime at the Starbucks closing on the Plaza? Here's what KCPD data shows

Workers at the Starbucks on the Country Club Plaza said they were told the store's abrupt closing Monday was because of security and safety problems. And on Tuesday, a company spokesperson added to that claim, though she said she was not able to point to any specific incidents.

Starbucks spokesperson, employees cite different reasons for closure of Country Club Plaza location

For decades, it's stood as a staple on the Country Club Plaza. "We basically, you know, feed and caffeinate every single person on the Plaza every morning," said Steve Henson, a now-former Starbucks partner of nine years. But as of Monday, the Country Club Plaza location has permanently closed.

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