Will Kansas City Listen To Bill Nigro's Westport Security Budget Warning?!?!

We checked our archives and noticed that Westport impresario Bill Nigro has raised concerns about money paid to "civil rights monitors" since late 2017.  

After a gunfire in May . . . Mr. Nigro offered more perspective on sketchy Westport spennding.

Now . . . After the latest mass shooting . . . His dire warnings are FINALLY starting to resonate. 

Here's the word . . .

Nigro has owned property in Westport for decades. He's a key voice in the district's security strategy.

Currently, 10% of Community Improvement District funds pay for civil rights observers. Nigro said he wants that money invested in more armed guards.

"We're the ones forced to hire the babysitters like we can't be trusted," Nigro said.

He said no one district pays for observers and Westport has had no rights violations. Everyone goes through the security equally.

"Westport wants our money back. We want to be able to secure ourselves and the city needs to get out of the way," Nigro said.

Again . . . 

Sadly . . .

Council members & Mayor Q would rather talk gun control on the federal level than work to make Westport safer.

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Westport business owner wants funds used for observers to pay for armed security

A Westport business leader said the city is partly to blame for Sunday night's shooting. He said money that is being spent on civil liberties observers should be spent on armed guards instead.On Sunday night, six people were shot outside the Westport Ale House.