Kansas City Mayor Q Leans On Gun Control After Deadly Westport Chaos

Sunday night Kansas City mass shooting gunfire in Westport injured 5 people and killed one victim.

Ironically, Mayor Q spoke on the topic of federal gun control the morning after. 

Tragically for this town and its residents . . . 


Don't worry we have an example . . .  

After the last mass shooting in May, Westport honcho Bill Nigro BEGGED Mayor & Council to free up security funds from "social justice babysitters" what would've allowed more security.

The complaint he has offered on radio, in person and to ANYBODY who would listen . . . 

"The civil rights monitors that Westport is being forced to hire when we check for guns? We are the only ones in the country being forced to pay for civil rights monitors by a government contract and it's compromised our security budget," Bill Nigro said.  

Meanwhile . . .

Or blog community has offered some not so helpful suggestions regarding dress codes, curfews, country music and other methods of crowd control. 

Fact is, there are practical ways to try to assure security and save lives. 

Sadly .  . . None of these ideas are part of hyping up Democratic Party voters just in time for midterms. 

Again and again . . . 

This is one of our main complaints about Mayor Q . . .

Yes, we know he is a rising star who will end up with an EPIC salary and bright future in D.C. — Sadly, the biz of running KANSAS CITY and understanding all of those pesky details about life in this cowtown don't seem important to his ambitious administration.

Now, here's the argument from Mayor Q . . .

"The mayor says more needs to be done to create safer streets.

"Accompanied by interim Kansas City police chief Joe Mabin, Lucas says there are steps left out of the new law that he believes could make a difference in preventing shootings that have become all too common on Kansas City's streets.

"The mayor questions the ability in Missouri to carry a gun without a permit . . .

'"Somebody who lives in Missouri or Kansas today, who is watching the news and saying, 'Wow there was an establishment last night that had three armed police officers plus armed security guards and you still have a shooting like that,'" Lucas said. "After a while it tells you, 'Heck I’m just going to throw up my hands and do nothing,' or maybe after a while the fact that every person walking through our streets has a gun, isn’t the solution to crime long term."'

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KC Mayor promotes new federal gun law, says more is needed

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas is helping promote the recently passed bipartisan gun legislation. Some lawmakers and advocates say these are the biggest changes to the nation's gun law in decades. Still, the mayor says more needs to be done to create safer streets.

1 dead, 5 injured in gunfight outside Kansas City bar involving off-duty cops working security

One person was killed and five others were injured when a gunfight erupted outside a downtown Kansas City, Missouri, bar, prompting three off-duty police officers working security at the establishment to return fire, authorities said.

No suspects yet in Westport Ale House shooting that killed 1, injured 5

Kansas City Police and the Missouri State Highway Patrol are investigating a mass shooting at the Westport Ale House that killed one person and left five others injured on Sunday night. Highway Patrol spokesperson Bill Lowe said in a briefing Monday morning that the incident began as a sizable altercation inside the bar, which wound up continuing outside.

Mayor Lucas optimistic gun reform act will help reduce shootings in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Could key components of the newly-enacted bi-partisan Safer Communities Act prevent shootings like the latest deadly shooting in Westpor t on Sunday night? Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas seems to be optimistic that it will. Lucas and KCPD interim police chief, Joseph Mabin, were in Washington D.C.

Authorities seek surveillance video after deadly shooting outside Westport bar

Surveillance video may prove key to determining what happened in a deadly Westport shooting late Sunday night.One person was killed, and five other people were taken to hospitals with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.The Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating the shooting. Sgt.

Officials: Ale House security guard among 6 people shot

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A security guard working for Ale House was among those shot late Sunday night at a popular bar in Kansas City, Missouri's, Westport Entertainment District. The update Monday afternoon from the Missouri State Highway Patrol comes more than 18 hours after police were first dispatched to the area around 10:30 p.m.

'This is out of control': In DC to address gun violence, mayor reacts to Westport shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Kansas City's mayor and interim police chief were in the nation's capital Monday morning as part of an event for lawmakers and families affected by gun violence. Back home, the city dealt with a mass shooting outside a Westport bar that left one dead.

Witnesses describe deadly shooting scene at Westport Ale House

The Missouri Highway Patrol is investigating a shooting involving off-duty Kansas City police officers at Westport Ale House on Sunday night.A total of six people were shot, including one person who died. "Just a lot of commotion, chaos," said Emily Ivory, who lives in Westport nearby Ale House.

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