Kansas City Royals Downtown Stadium: Environmental Disaster?!?

As we reported FIRST on TKC . . . Environmental activists marched on city hall this week and demanded a "down payment" on AOC's green new deal.

They earned an impressive turnout of mostly young people hollering a variety of clever slogans. 

Take a peek at their postscript . . .

Rather than direct unnecessary hateration at the group and their crusade . . . We wanted to ask protesters about a big picture issue that hasn't met with any discussion amongst the elite cowtown developer set. 

Off-the-record . . . Here's a peek at the text conversation . . . 

TKC: Impressed with your gathering . . . Do you guys have any opinion on the Downtown Stadium? It seems like there would be a significant environmental impact given how much traffic currently exists at the Truman Sports Complex. 

Activist: We don't have an official statement yet . . . But I can tell you that we're not against development, we just believe that projects should think about the environment first. If the stadium is focused on equitable, sustainable and carbon-neutral design and construction than we shouldn't have an objection. But if they're going to use outdated modes of building and bring 20,000+ cars to downtown then that would be an environmental disaster and something that should alert anyone who cares about finding solutions for climate change.

We appreciate the quick note from a protester at the demonstration. 

About the impending downtown stadium swindle . . . We're sure there will be a bus line and even a bit more accommodation for the toy train . . . But if the stadium is built any time in the next decade . . . Then they'll have to account for THOUSANDS OF CARS COMING TO THE LOOP . . . At least until the inevitable home team losing streak when most fans lose interest and start the countdown to football season.

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