KCPD Quickly Losing Control Of Narrative After Woman Shot By Officer

Our role as this town's worst blog is to be objective and offer OP/ED JOURNALISM rather than partisan advocacy that's far easier to dismiss and is mostly tuned out. 

After more than a decade of writing about the local news for something just a bit more meaningful than Internets robot generate likes & shares . . . Here's an objective opinion that sums up a recent crisis confronted by local law enforcement . . .


Reality check . . . 

Most outlets with far more reach than this blog have left out the deets about the stolen car altogether. 

Instead . . . GLOBAL OUTRAGE over this story is already taking hold.

Thee angle about the lady being pregnant seems to be gaining the most traction. 

It's also worth considering that the lady who took mobile phone video of her voice-over tirade is making a global media tour.

Here's part of what she has to say . . .

"Somebody needs to speak up, because we stand for something or we all fall for anything," she said.

She says she saw Kansas City police engage with a woman in a car in the Family Dollar parking lot.

"The police officer says, 'She's armed, she's armed.' He shoots the fourth time, and another shoots, making it a total of five," the woman said.

Accordingly . . . 

IF KCPD or the Missouri Highway Patrol wants to get ahead of this story they will . . . 

- Tell us if the lady was preggers and if the officer who shot her knew as much when the gun was unloaded.

- Offer a breakdown of the decision to shoot the woman. 

- Offer more deets about the suspected carjacking situation and how that factored into decision to shoot the lady. 

Already the newspaper and lesser trolls are demanding the names of officers involved in the shooting. 

However . . . 

What we can say for certain is that the silent treatment isn't working and activists pushed a dangerous narrative over the weekend that will certainly be hard to overcome EVEN IF the facts are on the side of the officer who fired the weapon. 

None of this is fair and it would be better if EVERYONE withheld judgement until all the facts were available BUT THE REALITY IS THAT THE KCPD & MHP DELAY in addressing this crisis has cost them dearly in the court of public opinion and they might not be able to counteract overwhelmingly negative perceptions propagated by social media, the newspaper and opportunistic activists.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A recent Family Dollar shopping trip for one woman turned into what she called a traumatic experience, after KCMO police shot a woman during a confrontation. KSHB 41 News spoke with the woman anonymously to conceal her name and face to protect her safety.

Kansas police reportedly shoot Black unarmed pregnant woman 5 times

The Kansas City Police Department is under fire after shooting an unarmed pregnant Black woman five times. The incident took place on Friday (May 27) in the Independence Plaza neighborhood. Twenty-six year old Leonna Hale has been identified as the victim.

Witness says police shot pregnant Black woman five times in Missouri

An eyewitness says police in Kansas City, Missouri repeatedly shot an unarmed pregnant woman as she tried to run away. "They shot five times," the witness, who only gave her first name, Shedanja, told the Kansas City Star . "I remember seeing her hit the ground and I froze."

Who is Leonna Hale? Pregnant Black woman suspect shot 5 times by Kansas City police

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI: A pregnant Black woman was shot as many as five times by Kansas City police as they searched for a stolen vehicle on Friday, May 27. Officers in two vehicles were reportedly following up on a call about an armed carjacking just before 8 pm.

Black woman is shot FIVE TIMES by Kansas City police

Kansas City police were following up on a call about an armed carjacking just before 8pm on Friday when they apparently spotted the vehicle in a parking lot The officers then approached the vehicle with two suspects inside, at which point the male driver fled on foot Leonna Hale, 26,

UPDATE . . . Check our latest report . . . 

 Internets Lady Screaming After KCPD Shooting Might Be Lying?!? 

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