Not so long ago . . . Back in 2020 . . . Kansas City declared an amnesty for protesters who were arrested following a racially charged riot/uprising on the Country Club Plaza.

Now Mayor & Council continue along this path and declare even more accommodation for "mostly peaceful" protesters who run afoul of law enforcement.

Here's the word . . .

"Terms of the settlement required the Kansas City Council to propose amendments to its failure to obey laws so that witnessing or recording the actions of police officers are not a violation of city law unless the offender is substantially impeding the officer’s duties."

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Kansas City changes its 'failure to obey' laws after settling lawsuit with arrested protesters

Kansas City has agreed to settle a federal lawsuit filed by three women arrested during the protests against police violence two years ago. The suit alleged the city's "failure to obey" ordinances were unconstitutional.

KCMO clarifies failure-to-obey laws, settles lawsuit connected to 2020 George Floyd Protests

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Three people detained by Kansas City, Missouri, police during the 2020 George Floyd protests have settled a lawsuit over their detention. The Kansas City, Missouri, City Council voted 9-1 Thursday - Councilman Brandon Ellington was the lone no vote - to accept terms of a settlement in a lawsuit brought against the city by plaintiffs Sariah Moody, Grace Reading and Emily Cady.

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