Kansas City Keeps Raising Taxes Amid Recession Fears!!!

Under the rule of the Biden White House, Americans are suffering the worst economy this nation has witnessed since Prez Jimmy Carter's 70s era FAIL.

A couple of key differences . . .

Billy Carter's antics were good-natured and clever whereas Hunter Biden is a dangerous human monster. Moreover, pundits debated the leadership ability of former Prez Carter but there's not a soul who ever honestly questioned his honor, integrity and faith . . . Whereas most of us merely wonder if a younger Prez Biden really did beat up Cornpop

But I digress . . . 

The point here is simple . . .


Consider what we learned this week . . .

Jackson County is working on a plan to spike property taxes yet again. And the Executive would rather talk about his baseball career than answer tough questions on this topic.

Even worse . . . 

Mayor Q is ready to keep taxes sky high in support of the medical industrial complex and downtown developers looking for cheap sewer hookups.

Accordingly . . .

With record high inflation, another cold war with Russia and the threat of recession looming, Kansas City politicos supporting tax increases expose their absolute disdain for residents. 

Pushing more taxes in this economy is a callous tactic and what makes it worse are the veiled threats that often accompany these cash demands. 

Tax supporters are getting ready to gaslight voters and tell us that raising taxes will actually save money in the long run. In the meantime, we haven't seen any real effort to control spending from local government. Instead, elected leaders seemingly demand more cash to subsidize an endless array of giveaways in the name of "social justice" and with a great deal of resentment for people who are picking up the tab.

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Get ready: Here comes the Biden recession

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