Kansas Against Ghost Guns

Again,  last week our blog community provided a fact check on this fear-mongering from anti-gun crusaders . . .

It's actually much easier to get a "real" gun than build a ghost gun.

Nevertheless . . . That won't stop political slap fighting on the topic. 

Take a look at the latest update . . .

The Delaware law, among many things, makes it illegal to make or own a gun without a serial number and outlaws any guns with components made by a 3-D printer. It's already facing a legal challenge. Kansas gun rights advocates told KMBC last week that those kinds of laws could violate the Second Amendment.

"I would view any law like this with skepticism, but of course, I'd have to read it," Kris Kobach said last week.

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Bill would ban 'ghost guns' in the state of Kansas

A bill introduced in Topeka on Monday would ban so-called "ghost guns" in the state of Kansas.