TKC Reader Refutes Ghost Gun Fear

This is a remarkably well thought out comment from our blog community that deserves to be highlighted.

One of our KICK-ASS TKC READERS offers a bit of personal insight and real world information that's much more insightful than reactionary newspaper screeds that hope to ban all forms of firearms.

Take a look . . .

A thought on "ghost guns"

The new media narrative seems to focus on the dangers of "ghost guns," that they're flooding the streets, that they're a danger because they can't be traced.

This is all some sort of "scare journalism" nonsense.  Building a gun is not easy, even if you have a well-equipped shop.  They take a ton of time, and almost always end up costing more than a commercially produced gun.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, is making a "ghost gun" so they can run out and stick up a 7-11.

I don't expect you to read this link (it's boring) but it will give you an idea of what goes into building one of these.  The Glock is, among gun hobbyists, considered the easiest to build, and you'll see just from the length of this article that it's neither easy nor cheap.

I've got a buddy who builds the tough ones (like a 1911).  He's a mechanical engineer with a metal shop. His 1911 took him a couple months, and ended up costing about double the retail equivalent. 


You decide . . .