And so it begins . . .

Last year we warned about Missouri push back against 12th & Oak defund political gamesmanship.

Now the legislation is getting a first look.

Here's the money line . . .

The bill draws a line in the sand, saying no less than 25% of all city revenue, including taxes and fees, will go to the Kansas City Police Department. Right now, it’s 20%.

“Last year, we had the highest number of homicides on record in a single year,” Luetkemeyer said. “At this critical juncture, we need to be making sure that we are supporting our law enforcement officers not defunding them to the tune of over $40 million, which is what the city council did in May.”

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Missouri lawmakers hear proposal to increase minimum Kansas City police funding

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - For the first time Tuesday, Missouri state senators heard a plan to increase funding for Kansas City's police department. The plan raises the required amount taken from the city's general fund for KCPD from 20% to 25% of the total pot.