Former Kansas City Star Newsie Mary Sanchez Now Working Trash Can Stories

For those of us who are somewhat interested in how journalism (lulz) works in Kansas City, the career path of a former power play pundit proves instructive.

Remember that Mary Sanchez is a veteran Kansas City print media reporter who covered metro politics & culture for decades. 

She recently earned a gig at the public TV news magazine that's even more of a snooze their ballet reruns.

This week she shared a scoop from city hall and was first in the metro with a somewhat interesting tale. 

Sadly, the story was almost literally garbage . . .

Mary Sanchez offered insight and BREAKING NEWS REPORTING about trash cans and how KCMO will be offering free bins to hobos who need storage space. 

The story is interesting enough . . . Check-it if you haven't already . . .

Dilemma for the Houseless: 'Where Do I Keep My Stuff?'

All she really wants are the keepsakes. She worries about family photos of her daughter as a girl and hand drawn artwork, like what other grandmothers tape to the refrigerator or place in a frame and hang. But Michalene Kubas doesn't have a wall, or a kitchen with appliances.

However . . .

This is a lady who once shook her fist at elected officials across the Midwest and wrote more than a few columns that resonated on the national stage. 

Now . . .

City Hall is literally handing her bottom of the barrel garbage stories.

And for those who have any doubt about the final direction of print media . . . THIS turn of events for the veteran scribe is one of the better career paths for local newsies given that at least she's got a cushy job that's based solely on fundraising and not readership.

Developing . . .