Pathetic Kansas City Star Finally Discovers Streetcar Construction Hot Mess On Main

This would be sad if it wasn't actually kinda hilarious.

Our blog community has been bitching about this since the Summer and then some.

Sadly, the newspaper has been too busy fighting for urban social justice from the comfort of the Overland Park suburbs and they didn't notice until recently.

Here is their perspective on the longstanding traffic hazard . . .

"If driving down Main Street is dangerous, one can only imagine the potential hazards faced by pedestrians and bicyclists. Crossing one of Kansas City’s major north-south thoroughfares on foot is akin to a game of Frogger, an arcade game from the last millennium. Proceed at your own risk."

Somebody also might want to tell them about the current homicide spike that has been underway for the past 5 years.

Read more via news link . . .

'It's a mess': Is it a risk to travel Main Street during KC Streetcar expansion?

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Thinking of traveling on Main Street in Kansas City between now and 2025? Proceed with caution or consider using alternative routes. K C Water's Upgrades on Main project is to largely thank for the traffic nightmare commuters have faced since before the beginning of the year.