Kansas City Main Street Toy Train Obstacle Course Explained

Sloppy planning and zero consideration for drivers & biz have once again impacted locals along an upcoming Kansas City streetcar route.

Here's public radio offering promotion and unquestioning adherence to taxing district talking points . . .

"A bigger culprit lies beneath those 3.6 miles of road: the city's sewer and water lines, plus utilities that belong to 15 different private companies, all of which need to be upgraded or repaired . . . The current process involves a lot of jumping around from location to location to make these upgrades. Constructing the streetcar rail lines and other infrastructure will be a lot more predictable."

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Sorry Kansas City Drivers, Your Main Street Construction Woes Are Far From Over

Detour signs and orange traffic cones snaking along Main Street continue to frustrate Kansas City drivers and business owners. Chris Youngers, one of the owners of Café Trio on Main Street, says the endless construction is more than frustrating-it's disillusioning. "I do understand the complexity of this project," Youngers says.