Over the past few years Oak Park Mall has confronted repeated threats from gunfire and the criminal class.

Tonight, we share just a bit of holiday season reassurance and insight into security at this favorite local facility . . .

"Today we're dealing with organized retail crime perpetrators. People that have little more sophistication to their crime. People who are organized. Also what we come back to the most is people that travel in groups," said police Det. Byron Pierce.

Overland Park police have studied what they call high-impact thefts happening across the country. Last month, detectives at Oak Park Mall apprehended three women wanted for grab-and-runs in other states.

During the holiday shopping season, Overland Park police said they are doubling the number of plainclothes detectives here. They also monitor 250 security cameras.

"Our response time is not minutes. Our response time is seconds because we're here on property," Pierce said.

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Overland Park police beef up patrols to prevent new high-stakes shoplifting

Police across the country are dealing with grab-and-run crimes.Overland Park police are beefing up patrols at Oak Park Mall to stop it from happening here. The new high-stakes shoplifting has detectives on alert during the holiday shopping season.During a recent grab and run at a store in Illinois, thieves stole $100,000 in merchandise in 14 seconds, escaping in three separate cars."Today we're dealing with organized retail crime perpetrators.

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