Kansas City Bike Lanes Threatened After East Side Rejects Hipster Schemes

Bike lanes are out of favor in Kansas City.

Let's not forget that a very smart move from a 3rd District council member pushed back against bike lanes and demanded more community input

A tactical funny . . .

Bike lane advocates are pushing back against Northland Council Lady Heather Hall rather than dare mention their growing East side opposition.

As for the bike lanes on Gillham, our TKC blog community as reported, documented and proven that the Gillham Plaza bike lane has been one of the worst disasters in Kansas City

Or at least as bad as the Armour Blvd bike lanes that outraged residents. 

Nevertheless . . .

Bike/Walk advocates aren't telling their supporters the whole story and instead spin the KANSAS CITY BIKE LANE FAIL as a fight against Internets meanies rather than very real resident opposition to a foolhardy and sketchy scheme.

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The "Neighborhood Inclusion" Policy Still Falls Short

Call your councilmembers and express your firm opposition. Send an email to public.testimony@kcmo.org with the subject line "Oppose 210966". Attend the next transportation committee meeting in person or virtually on Wednesday, December 15 at 9am (KCMO City Hall, 26th Floor). Check the City calendar for an updated Zoom link.