Kansas City Truck BUSTED Thanks To Council Dude Bunch Bike Lanes!!!

A note that offers a glimpse at the tragic implications of bad Kansas City policy. 

What we're looking at is the real life FAIL of Gillham Plaza Complete Streets: Section 1

This isn't too far away from the troubled Armour Road KANSAS CITY BIKE LANE FAIL that inspired MASSIVE neighborhood push back over bad planning and even more dangerous streets. 

Check the word just sent our way on Sunday . . .

"Hey TKC . . . Overnight my neighbor's truck was pretty much obliterated thanks to the new bike lanes that KCMO has installed. 

"It's a shame. I don't know them well, I've only said 'hi' a few times but I do know a lady has this car take her to work one of her three jobs she holds down to make ends meet . . . I thought the truck could be salvaged but the axle is bent. Total loss. 

"Pushing our cars out into the street made them easy targets to get sideswiped and drastically reduced parking around the area. I only see one or two bicyclists during the day so I'm not sure why they put the whole neighborhood out in the middle of a highly trafficked road where there is always speeding.  

"I don't want people on bikes to get hit either, just sending you these photos to let you know that the bike lane is a real nuisance and it has also endangered people trying to get into their cars with passing drivers on Gillham going up to 60 miles an hour and nearly hitting a lot of us when we're going to work. I just wish everyone would slow down . . . Maybe there needs to be more signs warning drivers to take the turn easy so that they don't accidentally kill someone or threaten their livelihood. 

"I used to have a lot of respect for councilman Eric Bunch and I was an early supporter of bike lanes but after seeing the way they have been (implemented) here with no regard for residents and very little neighborhood input . . . I have completely changed my mind . . . Now I see that bike lanes make the roads less safe for everyone."

According to the city hall website . . . 

The northern section of the facility from Linwood to McGee Trafficway will be installed in late spring/early summer 2021, along with traffic signal upgrades. This will complete the work for this phase.

Developing . . .