Mayor Q Working To Rewrite His 'Defund Police' Record

Mayor Q spent a year fighting with cops over money until a judge smacked down his efforts.

Now, he's wisely counting on the short memory of the voting public in a clever attempt to blame shift staffing problems. 

Here's his latest money line . . .

"Every budget I have voted on, it has said 1,412 officers," Mayor Quinton Lucas said. "So one may ask: Why do we only have 1,200? Why do we keep declining in numbers? In every one of those it has also had space for salary increases. So why aren’t we seeing pay raises?"

A quick answer to his question . . .

Maybe the decline in cops might have something to do with the mayor shouting "no justice, no peace" in the streets during a riot. 

That's just a guess . . . But I'm probably pretty close.

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KC Police Commissioners seek to guarantee salaries for new officers, provide pay raises

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police commissioners are trying to guarantee salaries for more than 1,400 officers and provide pay raises to keep officers from leaving the job. For years, the police department has used its salary account to pay for everything from lawsuit settlements to spare parts for the police helicopter.