Monday, June 01, 2020


A glimpse at the WEIRD Kansas City discourse tonight . . .


However . . .


Newspaper . . .

"Hours into Monday night’s protest in Kansas City, shortly after Mayor Quinton Lucas joined a march and addressed a crowd at the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain, police deployed tear gas against demonstrators.

Protesters scattered as the gas clouds broke out on the streets for the third night in a row in the city."

KMBC report 10 arrests and after 10:00 the protest was declared unlawful:

"We've got some concerns. We've detained several people that were coming in," Becchina said. "We've stopped people with bags full of rocks, with other things, presumably to be throwing at officers. Bags full of urine, urine-soaked items, such as handkerchiefs and things like that."

The crowd is smaller, (SOME OF) these protesters seem more focused on their political message and the Mayor has been engaged in "conversations" for hours.

Check the links:

Smaller But Rowdy KCMO Crowd For Social Justice

KANSAS CITY PROTEST UPDATES: Protest near Country Club Plaza escalates Monday night

Protesters have gathered for a fourth night at Mill Creek Park near Kansas City's Country Club Plaza to protest the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.Police described Monday's crowd as smaller.10:10 p.m. -- Kansas City police declared Monday night's protest an unlawful assembly. There have been 10 arrests.10 p.m.

Bad Cowtown Routine

Kansas City protest at Plaza deemed unlawful assembly for fourth night in a row

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - At about 10 p.m. Monday, police declared the protest at the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City unlawful and order people to leave. People began protesting for the fourth day around the Plaza around 3 p.m. Monday. It was a smaller crowd from the weekend but still a lively one.

Marching Across KC

LIVE: Protesters gather for fourth night of protest on Plaza

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - LIVE: Watch a live feed of protesters on Mill Creek Park in Kansas City, Missouri 9:40 p.m. | Some of the protesters that had been marching in different parts of the city earlier Monday appear to have returned to Mill Creek Park. 9:20 p.m.

KC Demands Justice

Policing Tactics Questioned In Kansas City Ahead Of Fourth Night Of Protests

Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith defended on Monday his department's use of tear gas and how it handled weekend protests spurred by racism, police violence and the death of George Floyd. But protesters organized for a fourth day of demonstrations, with Mayor Quinton Lucas marching with one group.

Protest Escalation Debate

Monday's protest starts peaceful but ends in violence

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Protests on Monday started congregating in the afternoon and were peaceful for the most part. Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas and Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith held a press conference on Monday at 4 p.m.

Protests & Violence Resonates In KC And Across The World

Black Lives Matter protest organizer feels message is being heard

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Protesters told 41 Action News they feel their message is being heard, but they do not plan to stop spreading it. Justice Horn was one of the organizers of Sunday's Black Lives Matter protest, which included several speakers from 2 to 4 p.m.

Community Supports Outrage

Kansas City activists hope community support persists after protests end

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Peaceful protests during the day erupted into violence when the sun went down this weekend. Amid all the noise, did those condemning police brutality feel heard by the community? And what's next for the organizers behind Kansas City's protests? FOX4 caught up with the organizers of Sunday's protest, dubbed "Enough is Enough."

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Some of what he is saying is relevant and absolutely true.

Mayor Lucas was very brave tonight. He is a real leader.

Dooder said...

That's like, your opinion, man.

Anonymous said...

Surely you jest?

Anonymous said...

Save The Plaza

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it takes tons of bravery to walk with armed body guards and mimic the message of the people protesting. It takes more guts to take control of the situation and shut stuff down. And that didn’t happen.

Anonymous said...

Quinton is a cunt.

Anonymous said...

Q is begging teenagers and college students to not tear up anything or hurt anybody..... since when do you have to beg and plead to teenagers? That’s being brave?

Ask military vets who’ve been to war about being brave then get back with us ok?

Anonymous said...

He is capitulating to save his city from the animals. He and the police chief are simply trying to use psychology to lower mob tension. The folks he is dealing with have no reasoning skills. He and the chief and most of the population know this.

The hypocrisy is the number of black deaths at the hands of other blacks on a daily basis. This is what is horrific not a singular unfortunate police encounter.
Where for gods sake is the outrage for the daily black slaughter? Where is the protest? At least where is the conversation? Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

Anonymous said...

Black votes matter to many Democrat pols like Quinton— more so than black lives!

That is why Demosleazeball scammers must try to keep black voters fearful, angry and resentful. Racial harmony would be a political disaster for such politicians.

Anonymous said...

Exactly as Emmanuel Cleaver and Sly James did in the past, tonight Quinton Lucas proved that he has no interest in being the Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri.

He sees himself only as the mayor of Black Kansas City, the other 70% of the population are of no concern to him.

Anonymous said...


Q: What do you call a Mayor who simultaneously stands with anti-police protestors chanting "No Justice, No Peace", while being paid $141,455 per year from taxpayers to support City departments and maintain peace?

A: A 2-faced pandering pussy who went to KC's exclusive private Barstow School, Washington University-St. Louis, and Cornell Law School, only to come back to KCMO to ride on the backs of the working poor to become a nasty political opportunist!!!

Anonymous said...

He's lost control of the city.

Anonymous said...

Dear Protestors, start going into Waldo, oak park mall, zona Rosa. Ride the street car, block I-70

Anonymous said...

Uh-oh. The Klan is arriving in town tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

This isn't to say it wasn't murder, but County Medical Examiner's report says George Floyd had fentanyl in his system and died of a heart attack, not asphyxiation.

"I can't breathe" was not the cause of death.

Anonymous said...

11:43 the kkk Democrats are already here......

Anonymous said...

12:10 Shut up. A separate autopsy was performed conclusively saying that asphyxiation contributed to his death. The drug addict died resisting arrest. C'mon, man.

Anonymous said...

Looks like KC has quickly lost its appetite for the "we're a big city too cosplay" protest party and is back to watching the '19 SuperBowl victory highlights on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Lucas should have taken a few more history classes at his Ivy League school while he was "earning" his law degree.
Things never end well for "leaders" who try to run to the front of a mob to make believe they're supporters of whatever "cause" it may be.
And, if the lesson in KCMO is the way to try to get city hall's attention is to march, riot, burn, and loot, which group that wants its "demands" also met will be next in the streets.
Lucas has set a terrible precedent that he, and more importantly the residents of KCMO, will regret for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

How's the 10-10-10 and social distancing preaching working out? Don't see the preachers practicing it.

Anonymous said...

Another Biden campaign rally.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Obviously not a Trump rally, the participants all have teeth and Family Trees that branch.

Anonymous said...

I don’t remember the boy blunder every going to the horse fountain before to meet with protestors, talk to them, and understand their issues. The only time he has done that is when they start burning cars and throwing things at cops. Now, the rest of the poor, simple protesters will understand what they have to do in the future to be heard. How about that Reopen KC? You did it all wrong!