Kansas City Gunfire Echoes Through Westside, Crossroads & TKC HQ

It's unlikely to make the news but a spate of gunfire near downtown resonated amongst thousands of Kansas City residents tonight.

The sound of bullets firing is common in the KCMO urban core and seems to disprove so many law enforcement promises touting "shot spotter" surveillance technology. 

This evening a series of gunfire at around 6 PM was widely reported on the Nextdoor app, Facebook, the ring network and other technologies. 

Here at TKC HQ the shots were clear as a bell and sent a flurry of texts and calls my way. 

Attempting to get just a bit of exercise after too much take out and a pumpkin spice latte . . . I was outside and also heard the nearby gunfire which "inspired" me to quicken my pace AND remember that I need to pick up more underwear from Target. 

Thankfully, I'm fine and I was happy to get so many concerned messages . . . But, again, the reality is that gunfire in KCMO urban core is commonplace. 

Here's why that's important to understand . . .

- Mayor Q and the council continue to wage a political war with police and fight over budget "reallocation" that's really tantamount to defunding.

- The reality of local violence has NOTHING to due with 2nd Amendment protections. There are plenty of gun laws on the books and so far they haven't helped to curb violence or rampant gunfire.

- After the spate of shooting . . . There weren't any police sirens or any further inquiry. Life pretty much went on as usual. For most of us . . . 

And so . . . 

We share this story in order to convey that for so many Kansas City residents the rising quotient of violence isn't theoretical but a very REAL aspect of every day life.

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