Kansas City Confronts 'Smash & Grab' Christmas With Fewer Cops!!!

So far Kansas City has been spared from ORGANIZED LOOTING that has rocked the nation at the outset of the holiday season.

But that trend isn't likely to hold up.

Don't worry, it gets worse . . .


The answer, of course, is no. 

Sadly, this isn't a problem that doesn't impact our suburban friends.

Reality check . . .

The 2021 NEXTGEN smash & grab sensation targets higher end retail in nice neighborhoods. 

Here's how this threatens to play out in the metro . . . 

Kansas City police have fewer resources to investigate organized shoplifting gangs. Those crooks are then free to venture to suburban enclaves and grab armfuls of loot. Crime displacement has been a longstanding problem for years but now THE VERY REAL DECLINE IN POLICE OFFICERS just might hamper the efforts to crackdown on local bandits.

The nightmare scenario . . . 

Police have taken a rhetorical beating from the newspaper and many activists for any action against criminals during a chase . . . Of course we believe that authorities will do their job, but the impact of anti-police rhetoric can undoubtedly cause EVERYONE to second guess any response against criminals from law enforcement. 

Finally . . .

Let's not forget the Plaza Riots of 2020 which forced so many merchants to shutter their windows amid constant threats during a so-called social justice uprising.

Postscript for reader consideration . . . 

Critics of our TKC BLOGGY GOODNESS might suggest that this report is all "fear mongering" but, IN FACT, we've seen SMASH & GRAB LOOTING ORGANIZED BY SOCIAL MEDIA across the nation. It's simply a matter of time before the Kansas City metro is hit by this violent & terrifying trend. 

And when it happens, our police force will bravely confront the problem, but with fewer officers and nothing but criticism from the newspaper and KCMO political leadership. 

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