Kansas City Police Union Fights 'False Narrative' Amid Staffing Slump

Tonight a note from law enforcement leaders offers a glimpse at ongoing debate over municipal policing.

For those who haven't seen it already, here's the word . . .

"With fewer people choosing a career in law enforcement many departments across the entire nation are recruiting from the same limited pool of applicants. We must all work together to change the false narrative and increase the number of applicants. Many departments have larger numbers of retirement eligible members. Chief Smith correctly stated that over 200 of our own members are eligible to retire in 2022. Coupled with a year of almost 140 departures this year we simply must able to retain more officers while attracting more recruits."

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Overland Park police department offering $3,500 hiring bonus

Police departments across the metro are having trouble hiring enough officers. Now, Overland Park is offering a $3,500 hiring bonus and stressing their opportunities for advancement.