Trade Talk Confronts PETA Activist Baller Tyrann Mathieu

Fans are expecting a shakeup as the Kansas City Chiefs quickly spiral into mediocrity.

Sadly, one of their most unique players is on the chopping block. 

Mr. Mathieu is a standout for his play and his activism. His love for animals has been apparent whilst most of the team only commits to popping bottles and buying stupid sports cars. 

Sadly . . . Problems with the defense are obvious to even casual fans . . . A quick summary . . .

"With an inevitable tear down coming, perhaps it is smart to just let Mathieu go, not out of ill-will, but out of necessity. Besides, would Mathieu even want to stay and be a part of a new defensive rebuild? If the Chiefs actually move on from defensive coordinator Steve Spagnoulo, would Mathieu find it better to learn a new scheme in a new location too? Would anyone blame him?"

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Kansas City Chiefs: What to do about Tyrann Mathieu's future?

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off their worst loss of the Patrick Mahomes era. And that sounds like an understatement. The supposed second-half redemption we saw against the Football Team apparently got left in Kansas City this past week when the Chiefs traveled to Nashville to play the Tennessee Titans.