Petition Against Parkville Mayor Nan Johnston Alleges Ethics Violations

The Parkville honcho earned citywide recognition for a DUI charge . . . And then a bunch of complaining from angry Northland neighbors.

Now these activists have stepped up their game. 

Check the allegation . . .

"Mayor Johnston's tenure has been plagued by unethical conduct that suggests public corruption and undermines confidence in fair governmental process. In light of her many and often egregious ethics violations, Mayor Johnston must be removed from office."

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Nan Johnston Ethics Complaint and Petition for Removal

October 20, 2021 Dear Parkville Ethics Commission: This complaint outlines Mayor Nanette Johnston's lengthy and voluminous pattern of unethical conduct that violates the Parkville City Code of Ethics, Parkville Code Ch. 107. Violation of any provision in the Code of Ethics may be grounds for fines, imprisonment, suspension, or removal from office.