Last week we talked about the rapidly evolving suburbs in the Kansas City metro and today it's NEWS FACT!!!

Enclaves demanding only single-family housing are a thing of the past. 

Sadly, our GOLDEN GHETTO friends in Leawood, Kansas don't like this fact and oppose "density" that would bring them closer to po'folk lower income white people on the lower end of the food chain.

Check-it . . .

Save Leawood!!!

Leawood Neighborhoods Are Opposed to the Cameron's Court Development Plan.

We are a group of concerned Leawood residents that oppose this plan of high-density, high rental, and little green space.

The main complaint . . . 

"This project is too dense and is primarily designed to house more transient people who live in apartment rentals . . ."

The losing fight is to make this thing racial . . .The reality is that they don't want broke-ass white people living too closer either.

And so . . .

Whilst we all have our problems . . . No matter their political affiliation, these rich white people have the cash to make their concerns and po'folk disappear from their line of sight. 

Developing . . .