Kansas City Star Gleefully Reports Hospitalization Of COVID Mask Critic

We notice that local dead-tree hacks are getting a great deal angrier as their subscriptions, ad revenue and influence fade.

Accordingly, this morning the newspaper seemingly celebrates a local small biz dude struggling with COVID.

Sadly and in a practice that's mostly rejected by decent people .. .  The newspaper highlights the poor dude's political opinions . . . Which might or might not be relevant to someone struggling with illness . . . Depending on which illness and what opinions. 

It's ghoulish writing that probably isn't the kind of "journalism" which inspires civic pride.

Nevertheless, what we notice is really macabre behavior from both mainstream media and some, but not all, progressives. 

Sadly . . . 

The COVID plague and partisan politics have inspired quite a few Kansas City denizens and leaders in national media to debase themselves and celebrate the sickness and sometimes death of their fellow Americans because of a divisive and mostly pointless culture war.

Something that should be highlighted . . .

While the gringos at The Star and some social media outlets are gloating over a victory which entails nothing more than a poor, small biz dude struggling to breathe in hospital . . . It's worth noting that very few if any Hispanic, Latino or immigrant advocates would dare highlight a COVID illness in order to further an agenda or debate border policy . . . It's a disgusting gambit wherein some of the worst white-middle-class "progressive" activists are betrayed by their ruthlessly aggressive motives which hunger for power above all else and far more than any cause/people or ideal which they falsely claim to champion. 

Real talk . . . TKC is probably the most important Latino in Kansas City (since Tony Gonzalez moved) and despite our firmly held belief that Mexicans and the people of Central & South America are pretty cool . . . We hope this doughnut dude gets better given that would NEVER wish a painful bout with COVID on anybody regardless of political dispute. Also, this blog has consistently noted that masking and the American vaxx options are the best hope to end this horrific COVID plague.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link and maybe reconsider jumping that paywall where this kind of disgusting angle is thankfully hidden . . .

Anti-masker who blamed immigrants for COVID-19 is hospitalized after maskless meeting

Anti-masker Marjain Breitenbach, who owns Doughboys Donuts KC in Raytown, made the news in August after customers complained about the sign in his store window that falsely blamed immigrants for spreading COVID-19: "Stop Importing COVID from Mexico Unmask Truth," it said.

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Developing . . .