Raytown Donut Hateration And/Or Border Advocacy Sparks Outcry

Locals in a decrepit inner-suburb have been served an EPIC bit of culture war politics with their pastries and many don't like it.

Here's the word . . .

“They have won an award for Best Donuts in KC, but they don’t taste good anymore when you know who’s making them,” a customer said.

The owners of the shop said their intent was not to offend anyone, but they wanted to raise awareness on the issue at the border.

“I don’t personally have a big problem with Mexicans,” Marjain Breitenbach with Doughboys Donuts said. “I got a lot of them that are friends, so I don’t have a problem with that. I got a problem with the border.”

Typically, the response there is that supporters of their viewpoint will make up the difference support the biz . . . In this case, sucking down fried high-sugar fat might not be hurting the opposition as much as border hawks might imagine. 

Either way . . . We're uncertain if intense conversations about border policy and racial identity is very appetizing. 

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'It's disgusting': COVID sign at Raytown donut shop not sitting well with customers

RAYTOWN, Mo. - A sign at a local donut shop is getting some pushback from customers. The sign was plastered in the front window of Doughboys Donuts in Raytown a few days ago. It read "stop importing COVID from Mexico unmask truth." It's been changed to read "stop importing COVID through border unmask truth."