So far Kansas City local TV news or so many hack newsletters haven't mentioned a HORRIFIC BRAWL that has garnered news coverage from across the globe.

More than anything else . . . Some old school dude getting beaten unmercifully and taking several shoes to the face represents this week's image of Kansas City in the minds of news readers across planet Earth. 

Sadly, local TV news and so many other "journalists" are far too committed to keeping their readers/watchers stupid about the reality of life in this cowtown. 

Risking their advert dollars, a few brave radio talkers have mentioned the brawl and what we notice is that fans say this level of violence is commonplace at Arrowhead. Remember not so long ago a fan was beaten to death in the parking lot and the brutality of Kansas City football fans should not be discounted

Also, smarter TKC readers mention that last year an R&B star punching a cop was tolerated and this might have set the tone for lawlessness at Arrowhead.

Accordingly . . .

We share a collection of links as a sign that local media has FAILED this town once again in providing a real life glimpse of what life is REALLY like in Kansas City beyond the hype.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news links . . . We'll start with the UK headline . . .

Shock moment Chiefs fan gets KNOCKED OUT & punched in violent stand brawl

A HEATED brawl broke out at a Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday as a fan was violently attacked. The fan was "knocked out and punched repeatedly while unconscious," according to several Twitter posts. The Chiefs dropped 16 points in the fourth quarter, plus two fumbles for a 30-24 loss, with their poor performance appearing to spark the fight.

Video Shows Chiefs Fan Getting Knocked Out During Brawl at Arrowhead Stadium

Kansas City Chiefs fans were not happy Sunday as the two-time defending AFC Champions dropped to 1-2 following a 30-24 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. Emotions boiled over in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium, with a wild brawl breaking out between Chiefs fans that left one motionless, as he was pummeled by another Chiefs fan and kicked in the face by another.

Chiefs Fan Knocked Out In Wild Brawl In Stands At Arrowhead Stadium

A Kansas City Chiefs fan was pummeled so hard during a wild brawl in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday -- he appeared to be knocked out cold. The violence all went down at some point during the Chiefs' game against the Chargers ... when K.C. fans got into a heated altercation.

You decide . . .