Kansas City mainstream news glossed over this headline but our blog community thinks it deserves special attention.

Quote from one of our smarter readers about the tragic parking lot beat down:

"WaPo feature about Chiefs douchebag fans who beat that guy, who was pass-out drink to death in Arrowhead parking lot . . . Still can't believe some judge let the cowardly killers walk free."


Three years ago, a new dad went to an NFL game and never made it home
And so . . .

This reality check regarding the true nature of some Kansas City football fans is an appropriate place to take a pause this Sunday night and contemplate the Christmas week to come . . . STAY TUNED!!!


  1. One of the worst moments in KC sports in 10 years. Quickly forgotten by our local media.

  2. I've told this story before so I'll keep it short. I had a run-in with the deceased guy during the game inside Arrowhead. He was completely wasted and I know a hammered person when I see one. For a minute I thought he might try to fight me but I was totally unconcerned if he did because he was so drunk. I'm not exaggerating when I say it would have been like me beating up a third-grader. Anyway, the situation got diffused. When I heard after the game someone got killed her was the first thing I thought of. When I saw his picture it was him. What happened in the parking lot is some white trash from Independence saw an opportunity to be a tough guy and kick someone's ass that I considered next to defenseless. This guy did not have his faculties about him and it was extremely obvious. The guy who killed him got away with murder, at the very least should have been charged with manslaughter.

  3. Alternate headline: When Rivertrash gets Disrespected.

  4. GlazersChode12/18/16, 10:47 PM

    Nobody should get killed at a Chiefs game even if they are hammered. The comment above about white trash coming from Independence....couldnt have been closer to the truth. The Chiefs games are filled with Missouri white trash. They come out the woodwork to puke on the walk down after the game is over.

    Sure there is white trash from KS, but nothing like Independence. Jackson and Clay counties actually.

    Have you ever sat next to someone like that at a game?

  5. ^^^ I think the entire city of Independence is in the upper deck of Arrowhead. How people get that shit-faced before a noon game is beyond me. Do they get up at 5A.M. to get a fifth of bourbon in them before kickoff?

  6. I assume by the comments only independence residents go to arrowhead. Wonder what all the hotels around it are for then?

  7. wow, thanks for posting.

    there is a discomfitting vibe in some places.

  8. 9:45, re read the post above you. It clearly says there are people from the Kansas side that
    Come over.

  9. More evidence of Jackson County Prosecutors being too lazy, incompetent or corrupt to do their jobs.

  10. The Chiefs are losers and so are their fans!

  11. I remember that night, and I was around. Okay, so here's my take. The guys head was bashed. He bled to death, because hey, fightings dangerous. The little boy had no idea what was going on.

    I have said this before but I will say it again, the guy who beat the guy up TRIED to blame the other people in the tailgate and the owner of the cars around the jeep. The cops had to investigate the people who had parked around the jeep. It turned into a circus because the beater was lying to the cops.

    I get freaked out everytime I go to the royals because I worry about who I am parking next to. I don't want to get involved in any of that kind of foolishness. I don't want to be questioned by po-po. But most of all, I don't want my car considered a part of the crime scene. I do LOCK my car, and put away valuables. When I am not working, I don't mind parking far away and walking when the weather is nice. When I am working the games, I watch people start stuff and stumble around.

    The beater is a disgusting person who deserves much much worse. He lied and dragged innocent people that parked around the jeep into a crime, the people in his tailgate group into the crime, and little kids into the crime. Seriously, just thinking about this makes me fume.
    Now you have to pay 50 bucks a game to park at arrowhead. So, not, worth it.

  12. If you think that is a bitch just wait until after January 1st when we go after the real thugs.

  13. I'm so old--I can remember when mostly old cranky rich White people went to the games - lots of season ticket holders..way back when they were good..

    yep..these's mostly White trailer trash... I try to go to Arrowhead once a year...not all that great of a time for all the $$ and the hassle


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