Activists Seek Kansas City 'Safe' Sanctuary For Refugees

The Border Wall of former Prez Trump has fallen and now activists seek local solutions to a growing Kansas City population of refugees.

Recently Mayor Q has invited Afghan refugees to KC. 

The city hall honcho has also welcomed Haitians. 

After a shooting earlier this year Mayor Q extended his love to the local Somali immigrant community. 

Whilst Mayor Q has rebuked the longstanding Latino residents of Kansas City, he has a penchant for newer Mexican and Central American arrivals . . . His Spanish is actually quite good and is only outdone by his salsa dance moves.

However . . . 

Kind words aren't enough to please local activists.

Remember . . .

 As part of his "racial justice" campaign platform, Mayoral Winner Quinton Lucas promised to work toward a KCMO Municipal ID Card that provides residents identification regardless of immigration status

With growing refugee populations in KCMO . . . Now might be the time for that power move along with some form of assurance that new arrivals will not be targeted for non-violent offenses. 

The term "sanctuary" city is out of favor and activists now prefer the term "safe cities" . . . An explanation: 

There’s no single definition of what is a sanctuary city, but generally speaking, it’s a city (or a county, or a state) that limits its cooperation with federal immigration enforcement agents in order to protect low-priority immigrants from deportation, while still turning over those who have committed serious crimes. This is why we prefer the term “safe cities”.

Accordingly . . . Expect to see this terminology in future immigration pronouncements from Mayor Q as Kansas City welcomes new friends from around the world. 

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