Kansas City Star Suspects Police 'Blue Flu' & Pouts Over Fewer Traffic Tickets

Just a bit of context . . .

The newspaper was mum when a former KCPD Chief openly floated the idea of "tactical disengagement" in dealing with community conflict.

Now, because they're trying to remain relevant and support the embattled Mayor Q administration . . . They are floating an interesting editorial idea . . .

Police may be writing fewer tickets because of the ongoing budget dispute with City Hall, a milder version of the so-called “blue flu.” Fewer tickets provide less revenue to the city, pinching the budget while the police funding argument works its way through the courts.

The department says the ticket slump is just a manpower issue. “We are down 10 officers in the enforcement unit,” said spokeswoman Capt. Leslie Foreman. “Our parking control staff is at seven, but slotted for 14.”

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Better driving, or 'blue flu'? Huge recent drop in Kansas City traffic tickets

Kansas City police are writing far fewer tickets this year. Maybe violations have dropped, despite much more traffic and activity after the COVID-19 year of 2020. Maybe Kansas Citians are just following the law. It's also possible officers have been taken away from traffic enforcement duties to focus on violent crime and murder.