Kansas City Recall Against Councilman Eric Bunch Earns Spotlight


TKC reported the story about the recall against Councilman Bunch FIRST and we've been talking about it for more than a month.

Now it's news fact.

Check the summary and a peek at the players . . . 

They’re unhappy with Bunch’s May vote to reallocate about $42 million KCPD budget to a separate fund emphasizing social services, mental health programs and more.

“We see it as defunding because there’s no plan,” Bjornlie said. “The money doesn’t say specifically that it has to go back to the police department.”

The group supports KCPD Chief Rick Smith, who Bunch has publicly said needs to resign.

Election officials said the group needs 20% of Bunch’s constituency to remove him.

“About 30 years ago is the last time that I actually remember this happening,” said Director of Elections Shawn Kieffer.

A few things to consider . . . 

Councilman Bunch could've launched a legal challenge against this effort a month ago. Instead he has been focusing on fundraising.

We've noticed a few friends supporting the councilman but his social media fan base hasn't been "enthusiastic" about his defense . . . The embattled politico is the only Twitter "blue checkmark" on council and so we'll see if a significant Twitter following will help his fortunes. 

He didn't talk with the TV station about this report and overall he has been dismissive of the recall effort. Stonewalling isn't a good look but, in fairness, there seems to be little room for compromise betwixt the progressive councilman and his pro-police opponents. 

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com news link . . .

Kansas City Election Board reviewing petition signatures to recall council member

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An effort to recall a sitting Kansas City council member is gaining steam. The Kansas City Election Board said Tuesday it started going through roughly 2,500 signatures, part of a petition to remove District Four Councilman Eric Bunch. Shannon Bjornlie is part of the Take KC Back political action committee.

You decide . . .