Kansas City Police Supporters Start Recall Against Councilman Eric Bunch!!!

One of the most progressive elected officials in Kansas City confronts a challenge from his constituents today.

To wit and as petitioners regroup and get ready to kick-off their effort in just a few moments . . .


Throughout his term Councilman Bunch has been an advocate for bike lanes, Black Lives Matter and the homeless.

However, it was his opposition against top cop police Chief Smith that has sparked this grassroots push back.

Here's what insiders tell TKC FIRST and before any news outlet in Kansas City. 

According to organizers there are MORE THAN 181 CONFIRMED VOLUNTEERS assigned to hit every neighborhood in the 4th District and a slew of local biz locations that have agreed to help with petitions.

The signature threshold is low to start a recall against the in-District council dude . . . And the hope of petitioners seems to be that they'll achieve a victory and "shift" the thinking of council on police funding and/or garner momentum to target another council member.

Here's a TKC first peek at the start of the petition process . . .

Through this Affidavit with the City Clerk for Kansas City, Missouri, pursuant to Kansas City Charter Section 720, we are seeking the removal from office of Kansas City, Missouri Fourth District Councilman Eric Bunch by Recall Petition. The basis of this recall is set forth below:

- Councilman Eric Bunch has publicly called for the resignation of Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith without merit and against the will of the people in the Fourth District.

 - The Mayor and eight (8) Council Members - including Councilman Eric Bunch - violated Missouri State Statue 84.860 by hindering and obstructing the organization and maintenance of the Kansas City Board of Police by voting to retract approximately forty-two (42) million dollars previously allocated by City Council.

Petitioners are soon to send out a press release to media citywide and we hope that we'll stay on the list after breaking the embargo that was pushed back until afternoon. 

But more importantly . . . We ask our blog community and readers from across the metro:  

Do you think it'll work???

Developing . . .