Kansas City 'Mostly Peaceful' Protester Earns $200K Payout!!!

According to many, last year's BLM protests didn't risk public health during a pandemic and, even better, they're still paying off for Kansas City activists.

Sadly, the Kansas City Country Club Plaza riots did cost police about TWO MILLION BUCKS but we assume that Prez Biden's stimmy covered the costs.

Today's life lesson and a paywall peek at profits for the winning side of history . . .

Kansas City police pay $200,000 to man injured by tear gas canister during Plaza protest

Kansas City police commissioners agreed to pay $200,000 in a legal settlement to a man severely injured after police fired a tear gas canister during a demonstration against police brutality last summer on the Country Club Plaza. The settlement is the latest in a string that the department has paid out for instances of excessive use of force.