Kansas City Council Dude Eric Bunch Responds To Recall, Begs For Cash

Reported FIRST on TKC, pro-police petitioners continue to make progress in hitting their signature goal and now they've merited a reply from a controversial councilman.   

It's a condescending and somewhat arrogant reply but consideration nonetheless . . . Like when a hottie sneezes on you.

Now that petitioners have it the halfway point, here's what Council dude Bunch has to say via tweet screed . . .

"By now you have probably heard that some folks are trying to recall me. I’ve struggled to devise the appropriate response. Do I bring unwarranted attention to the frivolous attempt to halt the progress we’ve made? Or do I ignore it knowing they are likely to fail?

"I initially decided on a milquetoast response, highlighting all of the successes we have had in these two crazy years:

"Zero fare transit, a new housing department, creative solutions for restaurants to survive the pandemic, prevailing wage for incentivized developments

"But the irony is, this list of accomplishments is incomplete without the very thing that  pushed these folks to attempt a recall.

"You see, their only stated cause in this recall attempt is a vote I took, alongside the mayor and seven council colleagues, that will require KCPD to negotiate a fraction of their budget with the City Council and City Manager, a vote I still stand firmly behind.

"Thanks to this vote, you and your local officials can ensure that KCPD uses your tax dollars as intended -- at least for a portion of their budget. Gone are the days of writing a blank check to the Governor-appointed police commission.

"While some may see the May 20th ordinance as a half measure toward local control of your police department, this effort was the first substantive step in recent history toward necessary transformational change of KCPD’s governance structure.

"I’m damn proud of that vote.

"I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside a mayor and city council who aren’t afraid to tackle big issues like local control of KCPD.

"I promise to continue tackling those big issues because I believe that’s why you elected me to serve."

Constituents, even angry ones, deserve a response from their elected officials so this reply is likely welcomed.

But here at www.TonysKansasCity.com we go ONE STEP BEYOND . . . 

It's seems that the council dude's last tweet that features him BEGGING FOR MONEY betrays more than a just a bit of concern about an upcoming fight with this group.

Take a peek . . . 

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