Kansas City Petitioners Hit Halfway Point Amid Councilman Bunch Recall

For TKC, it's very REALLY WEIRD quizzical that local news has ignored an ongoing recall organized by pro-police supportersd against a controversial Kansas City councilman.

Agree or disagree . . . Argue of the merits of the petition . . . There is still no denying that THOUSANDS OF KCMO VOTERS are angered by public statements and voting record of an elected official and now move to reconsider his tenure . . . If that's not newsworthy, then local news is nothing more than filler for low-rent commercials.

Here is the statement from the Take Back KC group and the www.TonysKansasCity quote . . .

"After 15 days of signature collecting, volunteers have collected 50% of the signatures necessary to recall councilman Bunch. 

We are right on tract to put Councilman Bunch back on the ballot and give 4th District voters the opportunity to elect someone who will truly represent their interest over his/her own."

To be fair, as we noted previously, this group will likely have to endure a court fight and council has the totally legal option of delaying the vote . . . Nevertheless, our blog things the public has the right to know about this effort despite MSM silence.

Developing . . .