TKC Told You So: Kansas City COVID Masks Comeback

Last week our blog community warned that a COVID crackdown was under consideration. The return of masks is just one manifestation of this move . ..

Here's the excuse . . .

Although no one wants to require mask mandates anytime soon, regional public health officials on Monday are expected to make new recommendations to resume mask wearing in public. 

 "There are a lot of people who are going to be resistant to wearing their masks again in public," Frank Thompson, deputy director of Kansas City's public health department, said. "But I would just share this: Right now our hospitals are seeing a surge in terms of cases and the capacity in our ICU units is being challenged."

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Masks on Monday: KC health leaders expected to ask people to wear face coverings again

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Public health officials say new recommendations are expected to be released Monday encouraging people to put their masks back on. The health department says there have been more than 800 new Covid-19 cases in Kansas City since July 1.That's more than the city recorded in the entire month of June.