Should Kansas City LGBT Activists Forgive Wes Graves?!?

An aspiring politico immediately regretted his controversial comments in a recent public meeting. 

An important quote . . . 

“Have you said something really stupid and, after you say it, you go back and you are like, 'Why did I even say that?'” said Councilman Wes Graves of NKC’s Ward 1.

Here's what he said regarding a pride month declaration for those who have already forgotten . . .

“Once you go down this road, where do you draw the line?” Graves said. “I mean, you could start bringing up pedophilia, Satan worshipers, etc. And once a city endorses something like this, we are talking about literally approaching places of worship and businesses as a city and having them make this pledge. And I don’t think this has any place in our city.”

As we blogged previously . . . 

The guy's apology was quick and he was smacked down in public by all of his colleagues the second he closed his mouth. 

However, the hits keep coming. 

Recently Northland Pride penned a statement denouncing the remarks.  

And, of course, there are the obligatory demands for his resignation. 

So we ask because we don't really know . . .


Again, we look at the big picture and things get murkier . . . If these comments were directed at any other ethnic, racial minority or protected class . . . They'd have every right to demand the dude's job. 

On the other hand . . . Bringing down an otherwise unknown low rent politico is nothing more than a flex and doesn't really do much to foster understanding, unity and goodwill amongst neighbors. 

It'll be interesting to see if the council dude is forced out or is, justifiably, required to submit to additional groveling at the beautifully pedicured feet of LGBT leaders in order receive forgiveness and continue with his career in public service. 

Developing . . .