Kansas City Star FINALLY Notices Nasty Coffin Protest

Our blog community reported tragic police protest tactics on FRIDAY LAST WEEK . . . We've been talking about it and offering some important community insights from BOTH SIDES of the debate.

In fact, one of our most popular posts of the year covers the Kansas City flag coffin disgrace in great detail.

This morning the so-called Kansas City "paper-of-record" shares an editorial tease behind the paywall and hidden from the many people they've blocked. 

It's uncertain if their not-so-hot-take is worth the price of admission but here's the social media share . . .

To be fair, every publisher has the right to restrict their content. 

For instance, just a few second ago TKC cut back on the full blog xml feed because over the years we were a bit disappointed that a few bot-based sites were running our bloggy ramblings without offering any additional opinion, parody, commentary or credit as we do when we link journalistic colleagues . . . They were simply spinning junk code to garner garbage adverts. 

Nevertheless, our STILL VERY USEFUL TKC FEED links BACK HOME TO BLOG wherein readers are invited to share in the FREE OF CHARGE full goodness that now offers important Kansas City info A FULL WEEK AHEAD OF THE NEWSPAPER.

Developing . . .