Kansas City Star Against Westside Gentrification

TKC is neutral on this one and I'm not sure if old & busted (read: blighted) vacant housing is worth defending . . . Also, vacant lots don't merit a crusade.

Translation: A slap fight over town homes doesn't qualify as a civil rights struggle.

Amid the worsening American housing crisis, gentrification is happening across the metro and amongst a growing demographic. 

Heck, even working-class people in moderate income white neighborhoods are finding themselves priced out of home ownership. 

Meanwhile, elected officials and their appointees can only warn us that it's going to get worse in the coming years as property taxes continue to spike.

Of course, according to our progressive pals, the only solution is more freebie government housing

And so . . . 

I think this note is outside the paywall as the newspaper plays land reform activist with a decent editorial . . . They deserve credit for spelling Westside correctly . . .

On Kansas City's rapidly changing Westside, a new development project raises concerns

Kathy Tinoco and her brother Rafael Cervantes regret not buying the vacant lot themselves. On the southeast corner of West 29th Street and Belleview Avenue, across the street from their family home of more than five decades, sits a small plot of land filled with trees and shrubbery.