Jackson County Property Tax Prep: Expect EPIC Spike Soon Enough

There are fewer complaints this time around and the COVID plague seems to be inspiring a more cautious approach. 

Here's a bit of good news with an ominous warning on the horizon . . .

Sixty percent of homes saw less than a 10% increase, about a quarter saw increases between 10-15%.  The only major changes involved renovations and construction. And some homes decreased in value.

Brace yourself for 2023

Jackson County assessment director Gail McCann Beatty explained this year’s assessments were more cautious and the county is spending $18 million in contracts with an outside company to provide more accurate future assessments.

The Jackson County legislature passed a resolution in March of 2020, stating property taxes should not increase due to COVID and ongoing problems in the assessment department.

However, that was only a recommendation. McCann Beatty says state law would not allow for her to ignore an assessment cycle and says with house values increasing like crazy, she wants homeowners prepared for 2023.

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Crunching your Jackson County property taxes for 2021- what the numbers reveal

KANSAS CITY, MO. (KCTV) -- Jackson County homeowners are likely breathing a sigh of relief with this year's property assessments following a wild 2019 assessment which was criticized by experts and homeowners alike. Property tax bills skyrocketed for some homeowner two years ago. The changes lacked in person inspections.