Kansas City Entertainment District Violence Restarts 2021!!!

This weekend Kansas City returned to party places en masse and, of course, we're seeing more reports of worsening violence.

Remember that this isn't a new trend . . .

Earlier in the year the 18th & Vine entertainment district suffered a deadly mass shooting.

A couple of weeks ago police boldly disarmed combatants in Westport.

At the outset of this month a nasty flasher and fear of sexual assault confronted women in Brookside/Waldo . . . As far as we know the dude is still on the loose.

And, of course, clueless middle-class visitors from Johnson County are continually/eternally surprised to learn that, yes, there is crime on the Country Club Plaza and crooks target people walking around with their head in the air. 

This weekend we notice quite a few reports of attempting muggings and scammers faking phone emergencies to in order to ripoff boomers. 

Be careful . . . Realize that THIS is why people just buy their cheap Chinese junk from Amazon.

Developing . . .