Throughout this week a shocking display by anti-police protesters dominated the discourse in Kansas City.

With help from our KICK-ASS BLOG COMMUNITY our humble little corner of the Internets was the first to share a news-y write-up on the sordid topic.

Kansas City BLM Dumps Pig In Coffin At KCPD HQ!!! Local News Silent!!!

Again, after days of metro outrage the story earned a TV news report and journalist Angie Ricono deserves credit for authoring an investigation . . .

KCTV5: Coffin used in recent protest drawing criticism

During the raucous discussion of this display readers wondered about the origin of the "artwork" and how it emerged amongst social justice protesters.

Accordingly, here's a peek behind the scenes of the creative class which hosts some of the most prolific protesters in Kansas City . . .


Here's the word . . .

"Of course the arts community in any city leans progressive and they have every right to protest. But in Kansas City we notice a more militant tone among artists after the George Floyd uprising/riots. 

"Over the past year activists have inspired Kansas City 'creatives' to move to the forefront of anti-police protests and they have become a growing contingent in recent demonstrations. The collaboration has been so successful that KC artists were widely credited with helping to champion BLM murals and other notable projects. For enterprising creatives, the co-branding has proven very effective in helping to build name recognition not only in Kansas City but across the nation . . . 

"As for the pig coffin, it's one of many anti-police projects that dominate the KC arts scene. Go to any recent exhibit and you're likely to see disdain for law enforcement as a common theme. 

"The only thing that irks me is that streetcar art, displays at their airport and other venues are supported by taxpayers . . . So these local artists aren't really against the status quo or the establishment when it comes to earning lucrative grants . . .

"This week a local foundation is announcing their new HQ with a great deal of fanfare. What your readers don't know is that quite a few 'denizens' of this association are strident adherents of ANTIFA and closely connected to recent BLM protests. Again, in and of itself, there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH PROTESTING.  

"However, I think most people in Kansas City were opposed to the 'pig coffin' and wonder where that kind of idea originates . . . That's why I'm sending you this note. 

"So many highly touted Kansas City art community hot spots seem innocuous but they're actually ANTIFA and protester strongholds.

"Since they're so dedicated to protesting police HQ, it's fair game for people to know about some of the places where they congregate."

Accordingly . . .

Behind the scenes we reached out to a few of our artsy friends and they assured us that Charlotte Street, obviously, has no formal anti-police or ANTIFA affiliation but "respects" the diverse political viewpoints of their all their patrons and participants. 

Update . . . 

A local creator sent us this off-record message that deserves to be highlighted and speaks to critical questions without dropping names . . .

"Charlotte Street is an open book , they have no agenda. The artists who are helping others to create easily readable and impactful work are using their artistic abilities to pursue their First Amendment rights."

However, Charlotte Street did formally express their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement at the outset of KC's tumultuous Summer of 2020 protest.

"Charlotte Street Foundation recognizes the importance of recent protests happening across Kansas City and the nation. It is a crucial time for the Kansas City community to reflect on how we want our city to be for all of our neighbors, especially for our Black neighbors. Because of this, Charlotte Street stands in solidarity and full support of #BlackLivesMatter."

Those who look closely at their post will notice hyperlink shout outs to mainstream organizations along with more militant demonstrator groups who have targeted police with civil disobedience protest over the past few years. 

To be fair, ANTIFA simply means ANTI-FACIST and even recent government reports downplay their importance

In Kansas City, whilst many decried the 'pig coffin' and denounced the act of vandalism on KCPD steps; there is no doubt that the provocative artistic collaboration resonated throughout the Kansas City discourse far more than outright, rampant violence and looting which tarnished so many local demonstrations in support of the BLM movement.

Developing . . .