Over the past week Kansas City witnessed activists in support of Palestine dominate the Country Club Plaza with protests and vigils.

Dutifully buried by local MSM . . . Pro-Palestine supporters ripped the flag of Israel down from a Kansas City display dedicated to peace and understanding.

Now, TOP ECHELON Kansas City insiders offer perspective on the reality of activist control over local streets. 

Here's the word . . . 

"You won't see any pro-Israel events in KC public spaces because this past year has taught us that Antifa and BLM can operate with impunity and without consequences. This new faction of violent protesters pose a very real risk to anyone who opposes them. Last year they burned a police cruiser and a TV news SUV yet their demonstrations were described as "mostly peaceful" by the media and supported by many elected leaders. Obviously, putting supporters of Israel in physical danger doesn't make sense . . . What's worse is that the threat of reprisal has sparked silence in what can only be described as tacit antisemitism"

Nevertheless, thankfully, fear of confrontation hasn't kept the local Jewish community silent. 

Later today there's an online teachable moment that attempts to share perspective an offer insight.

From the Jewish Federation Of Kansas City . . .

"Israel has been under relentless rocket attacks from terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip that have caused extensive damage, injuries and loss of life. Join us for a virtual presentation followed by a question-and-answer session."

Conflict in Israel: Why is this happening, and what might the future hold?
The context, the politics and the strategy
12 p.m. | Thursday, May 20

Featuring Dr. Jacob Stoil, Asst. Professor of Military History, U.S. Army School of Advanced Military Studies, Ft. Leavenworth and Fellow of the West Point Modern War Institute

Presented to the community by the Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City and Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City


Actions you can take today:

Urge Members of Congress to stand with Israel

Contribute to our Israel emergency relief fund
(emergency grants to victims and their families, psychological counseling to those affected, and support for first responders)


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Developing . . .