Kansas City Shoal Creek Public Housing Project Coming Soon!!!

Get ready to hear our Northland neighbors cry bloody murder as radical housing changes at the federal level hope to alleviate an upcoming eviction crisis.

Even better, we want to give a shout out to a BRILLIANT COMMENT FROM A KICK-ASS TKC READER.

A mostly worthless newspaper article syndicated across a string of partisan-hack-blogs alleged a sketchy connection betwixt the Kansas City murder rate and the end of the CDC eviction moratorium . . . However, a bit of common sense gave us a moment of pause.

Here's the word . . .

"Just so I understand, eviction moratorium last year and record breaking number of homicides. And the claim is evictions lead to increase in homicides? Ok. Got it."


Think about that for a second . . . Half-a-dozen journalists and dozens of support staff worked to publish that Sunday newspaper front page report but a comment that completely debunked the screed was probably written before/after/during a toilet break.

Accordingly . . .

The Shoal Creek housing project in the form of emergency vouchers currently under consideration is just one outcome in the works as the Biden White House advances a rapid-fire series of initiatives to completely transform American housing before midterm elections . . . Checkit . . .

Biden's 'infrastructure' plan wages war on the suburban dream

If you saved your money and bought a house in the suburbs, your investment and lifestyle may soon come under attack. The single biggest item in President Biden's "infrastructure" bill, now being negotiated with Congress, is $213 billion he claims will be used to increase affordable housing.

Biden Wants to Offer More Housing Vouchers. Many Landlords Won't Accept Them.

Over 2.2 million households receive subsidies through the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Advocates see Biden order as new tool in eviction, immigration fights

An order signed by President Biden Joe Biden Harris to 2021 grads: Pandemic prepared you for 'pretty much anything' Senate Armed Services chair throws support behind changing roles of military commanders in sexual assault prosecutions Biden adviser says reducing red meat isn't sole climate change solution MORE this past week seeking to make legal representation more attainable has advocates hopeful it could improve access to civil courts - including for those facing eviction or immigration penalties.

HUD changes make housing vouchers easier for illegals to obtain

The Department of Housing and Urban Development recently made changes to its emergency housing voucher program that make it easier for illegal immigrants to receive "free" housing on the taxpayers' dime. The American Rescue Plan that President Biden signed in March awarded $5 billion for emergency housing vouchers to be distributed to people experiencing homelessness, victims of human trafficking and survivors of domestic violence.

The Limits of the Fair Housing Act

beautifulcataya/Flickr In the 2020 presidential campaign, a relatively obscure Fair Housing Act regulation briefly took center stage. In an extended series of tweets, Donald Trump announced that he was repealing the 2015 Obama-era Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) Rule-which sought to promote residential desegregation-to protect "Suburban Housewives of America" from rising crime and plunging property values.

Supreme Court may be asked to consider CDC eviction freeze

The Supreme Court may soon be asked to weigh in on the nationwide eviction freeze enacted by public health officials to keep cash-strapped renters in their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic. The announcement came Monday from a group of landlords that successfully challenged the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) eviction moratorium in federal court earlier this month.

Some Say the COVID-19 Housing Crisis Hasn't Even Started Yet

It's hard to imagine the real estate crisis getting worse, but some believe the housing crisis is only just beginning. The market is experiencing record demand at a time when housing is in short supply, pushing both housing and rental prices sky high.

Developing . . .