Kansas City BLM Progress Report Revealed

Amid nationwide civil unrest Kansas City activists in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement proposed radical change for local institutions.   

To start "negotiations" demonstrators demanded the removal of the KCPD Chief and local control of the police department. 

There was also some chatter regarding reparations that didn't really earn much beyond a useless city hall resolution.

So far . . .

The Chief is still at the helm of KCPD.

And local control hasn't garnered any progress . . . Not even the vote the Mayor Q signed on to . . . It's simply a legislative priority.

Check more info and perspective from a 12th & Oak protester . . .

Kansas City leaders, activists express frustration in lack of police reform in past year

It's been nearly a year since hundreds of people took to the streets of Kansas City demanding change and reform with the Kansas City Police Department. Those protests continue today. They may look different, but many of the messages remain the same.