How To Celebrate May Day In Kansas City?!?

Across the world there have been violent confrontations with police on this activist holiday that's often overlooked in the United States.

Background for those who don't know or don't want others to know about the origins of the modern "celebration" of the working-class . . .

In 1889, May Day was chosen as the date for International Workers' Day by the Socialists and Communists of the Second International to commemorate the Haymarket affair in Chicago. International Workers' Day is also called "May Day", but it is a different celebration from the traditional May Day.

Even more interestingly . . .

Quite a few locals don't know that there's an vibrant communist community at work in activist circles in Kansas City. Over the years the group has divided into quite a few factions and most of their fighting is with each other.

However, one of them did punch a police horse at the outset of the Prez Trump presidency.

Even more hilariously . . . After the horse punch kerfuffle a bunch of off-duty po-po kept sending TKC trans porn escort service listings which inadvertently revealed they were actively searching trans pr0n. To be fair, we all have our "interests" and this blog will always encourage everyone to let their rainbow colors shine.

But I digress . . .

As of this writing, thankfully, there hasn't been any violent commie protest in KCMO. In fact the Democratic Socialists in Kansas City are taking a very mainstream approach and commemorating May Day by encouraging Prez Biden to move forward on changes to labor law via social media.

Meanwhile, here's a look at how the holiday is playing out around the world . . .

Today’s Demands

May Day protesters demand more job protections amid pandemic

In countries that mark May 1 as International Labor Day, the annual celebration of workers' rights produced a rare sight during the pandemic: large and closely packed crowds, with marchers striding shoulder-to-shoulder with clenched fists behind banners. In Turkey and the Philippines, police prevented the May Day protests, enforcing virus lockdowns and making hundreds of arrests.

Workers Against COVID

May Day protesters in Paris demand more job protections amid pandemic

Workers and union leaders dusted off bullhorns and flags that had stayed furled during coronavirus lockdowns for slimmed down but still boisterous - and at times violent - May Day marches on Saturday. The protesters demanded more labor protections amid a pandemic that has turned economies and workplaces upside down.

Plauge Cancels Cuba Party

Pandemic and economic crisis dampen May Day in Cuba

For a second consecutive year Communist-run Cuba canceled its emblematic May Day march though Havana's Plaza de la Revolution Square on Saturday as it battles a surge in COVID-19 cases and a scarcity of basic goods.

Asia Wants Worker’s Rights

Labour Day rally to protest job creation law

Workers in Indonesia marked International Labour Day Saturday with significantly less attended marches due to coronavirus restrictions. (May 1) © 2021 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC.

American Labor Policy Push

Biden calls for passage of PRO Act, $15 minimum wage in joint address

President Biden Joe Biden Will Seattle officials use the same lawsuit defense they want to take away from police? Taliban warns of attacks on US troops after withdrawal deadline under Trump deal passes Pandemic inspector general blasts DOJ memo, urges Congress to clarify mandate MORE on Wednesday called for the passage of the PRO Act and for a $15 federal minimum wage during his first address before a joint session of Congress.

Paris Is Burning

May Day rallies: Police, protesters clash in Berlin, Paris | DW | 01.05.2021

Protesters in Berlin threw bottles, firecrackers and stones at police during May Day marches in the Neuk├Âlln neighborhood of the German capital. According police tallies, 5,000 people took part in the rally, while organizers put the turnout closer to 20,000. Police took several demonstrators into custody.

Political Postscript

Victims of Communism Day-2021

Today is May Day. Since 2007, I have advocated using this date as an international Victims of Communism Day.

Developing . . .


  1. You can celebrate by buying more stuff and running up credit card debt.

    1. For the win! Shelves are empty under communism.

  2. ^^^

    Don't we do that every day?

  3. Count that stimulus!

  4. Today would be a good day to buy a luxury car!

  5. That last link is really the only decent resource in this post. If you really want to be informed about what this holiday means to activist then you should read about communism horrible impact all over the world. It's not so much an economic system then just a horrible Institution that has a track record of atrocities.

  6. Better headline: kc socialists and Biden agree on extortion.

  7. Merry Communist Day or as we call it here in Amerika, Joe Biden Day.


  8. How to celebrate Mother's Day in KC? Get in the car and go somewhere else and have a nice day. KC isn't the place to do that.

  9. Fuck Kansas City!5/1/21, 6:28 PM

    ^^What he said!


  10. Communism is no longer associated with Russia it is now here in the U.S. this is what the democrats cheated for and is what they are bringing in to this country at record speed. This is what BLM and ANTIFA among many other communist groups brought in by the democrats are doing it's DIVIDE AND CONQUER. It's what Hitler used and it's what all communist dictators used.

  11. Odd that 6:29 acuses the Democrats of fomenting "Divide And Conquer" as a tactic after we are just starting to recover from the damagecaused by the Republicans using theirlies and insane theories to crete the greatest level of divisivenessin this Country that we have experoenced since the days preceeding 1861.

    All through the Obama Years the filth poured out of the Far Right Hatred Machines, and then the "GreatDivider" began his barrage of lying and encouraging Right Wing Extremism.

  12. The Hay Market Martyrs were Anarchist labor organizers. Though Socialist were intertwined and considered Anarchist in most places around the globe, Communist did not come on board until after the Palmer Raids in 1918 when 10,000 labor and anti war organizers were jailed in federal prison. Some like Flores Magon died in Leavenworth. During the 1930's the Communist got behind the Smith Act to go after their Socialist enemies. The Smith Act was determined unconstitutional after the McCarthy Era.

  13. The fall of the Soviet Union was a victory for Socialism!

  14. Allen Dulles, the architect of the Cold War was a full blown Christian Fundamentalist and started the Cold War simply because the Soviets were considered "atheist". It's odd because Moscow was the home of the Russian Orthodox Church that existed throughout the life of the Soviet Union.

    1. Um, no. The soviets were deeply involved in espionage all over the world, much of it directed against U.S. interests.

  15. The greatest labor organizer who ever lived was Frank Little and grew up in Harrisonville, Missouri.

  16. Fuck Reason dot Com. Capitalism is the biggest killer in the 20th Century. Marx got it right when he said, "the history of Capitalism is covered from head to toe in blood". Don't really care for Authoritarian Communist and the State Communism of the Soviets. Funny the how the KC Communist split everybody apart with their racist bullshit over the past few years. The pic of progressive communist that TKC posted is before they got kicked off UMKC.

    1. No, Marx was absolutely wrong. And though Capitalism is far from perfect, it can't compete at all in body count with even one of the 20th century's communist regimes like the USSR or China.

    2. Then how do you explain the fact that people risk their lives to leave communist countries to go to capitalist countries and not the other way around?
      It’s easy to sit peacefully in a free country decrying how bad it is here while a Cuban would rather take his chance swimming through shark invested waters rather than stay in Marx’s eutopia

  17. Looks like the Communist Democrat Party celebrated May Day !!

    Communist Soviet Union murdered 30 million of its citizens.

    Communist Vietnam murdered 2 million of its citizens.

    Communist Cambodia murdered 5 million of it citizens.

    Communist China murdered probably a hundred million of its citizens.

    Communist North Korea enslaves millions of its citizens.

    Why would you anyone vote for the Communist Democrat Party here in the United States ?

  18. The Democrats are Socialists. Like Marxist dictatorships, their government is God. Their only concern is power and damn their citizens. Socialism has worked nowhere in history and tyranny never ends well for Tyrants. Demented lying Joe will go down as the most incompetent, destructive President our nation has endured. Demented Joe is killing babies, the elderly, our culture, and our economy.

  19. 7:43: I suspect the military-industrial complex wanted to continue to make money, so the USSR, or former ally, became the enemy du jour.

  20. Right 10-01

    I am revisiting the Cold War in my mind

    We’re we really that much of the good guys?

    Calling them an evil empire while we were the ones creating proto al quaeda to kill Christian soviet soldiers in Afghan

    And why are we anti Russia nowa? They ain’t been communists since 1991 and besides communist China is ur no.1 trading partner

    So when we start a war against Russia because there isn’t gay marriage in Crimea, it ain’t me babe

  21. How many people knew the bombs on Japan were made in Kansas City? Do you think those employees were super patriots or getting paid good money to keep their mouths shut? That's capitalism for you. Why was a DHS employee allowed to create the White Supremacist group called The Base. Fascism is a phase of violence. During the Russian Revolution of 1917 at least 10,000 US and Japanese troops landed in Russia. This changed the outcome of a "worker's revolution" dramatically. Lenin was having strokes while Stalin loaded his cronies in government positions. Russia had bases in Syria and Libya and never expanded their borders after that. The Evangelicals made big on anti communism during the 1950's. Now the captains of industries are the heroes, the rich are the cool ones while the working stiff are the losers to be shit on.

    1. Yeah. Way to ignore the horrifying mass murder and genocide of Pol Pot, Stalin, and Mao. Nauseating.

  22. The way people feel comfortable dehumanizing the poor, dehumanizing the homeless, dehumanizing those capitalism leaves behind, is truly a terrifying thing to me.

  23. Response to 7:56

    United States = Capitalism - Everyone from other countries want to immigrate to the United States.

    China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, former Soviet Union, East Germany = Communism - NO ONE wanted to immigrate to these Communist countries. In fact millions died and risk their lives to flee Communism.

    Remember the Berlin Wall that Communist East Germany built to keep its citizens from fleeing to Capitalist West Berlin ?

    Why would anyone think the Democrat Party's Communist policies are good for America with the history of the Soviet Union, China, North Korea etc.


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