Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings: Homeless Conquer Elected Leaders

We return to a TKC bloggy tradition for late night denizens of the discourse as the "new normal" reveals that political leverage via social media can tip the balance of power.  

Accordingly, tonight we pay tribute to this week's Kansas City winners. 

Check-it . . .

Qadhafi Outplays Mayor Q

A homeless leader with a bold street name earned free lodging for his allies at the expense of taxpayers. The mayor calls it "de-escalation" whilst his fiercest critics claim that the compromise was nothing more than capitulation on the city's dime. 

Council Lady Teresa Loar Warned Kansas City Of Homeless Crisis

Remember not so long ago the Northland Council lady took a great deal of heat for consideration of a panhandling ordinance.  The effort to help authorities deal with homeless, junkies and beggars was met with a great deal of criticism and didn't earn the support it needed. Don't mistake her intent for cruelty, it's worth remember that Council Lady Loar has been at the forefront in helping to build accommodations for homeless veterans

Accordingly, given the current crisis underway, the council lady deserves credit for listening to residents and small biz owners about a problem that has only worsened. 

Northeast News Reminds Nation That Newspapers Need Community Support

The bold print gambit of this neighborhood news outlet paid off with support and coverage across the nation. Moreover, it reminded Kansas City that newsprint still has its place and remains a vital niche mode of mass communication that can be effective at bringing together communities. 

Accordingly . . . 

Local life continues as the discourse and the metro struggle to emerge from the pandemic. 

This list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people, trends and our times.


  1. Better title:

    Qadhafi turns quinton lucas into glorified bell hop.

    1. So dumb. It's obvious that this blog would never know what a compromise looks like but that's exactly what happened. Do you really want KC police on the news persecuting homeless people? That would be stupid and illogical. The best thing that can happen is that this is all resolved peacefully with agreements between the leaders of each group. That did happen. So despite the spin we need to look at the facts, mayor Lucas did what was best for Kansas City.

    2. ^^^Chimpy making a stab at sounding like an adult ape, still sounding incredibly stupid and uneducated

    3. 12:20...making a payoff to extortionates is not a peaceful resolution, it is simply a postponement until they want more.

  2. Queball in qadhafi’s unzipped pants!

    I remember when the mayor and black clowncil members called her racist for bringing this up and trying to act early. We all know the mayor and black council members arenthe real racists here, they are children playing in a grown ups world, time for all of them to be recalled because they are racist, hateful, crooks and complete failures at everything they do.

    When will these so called black leaders of killa shitty do something about their murderous people? Never.

  3. @12:20am
    Of course nothing resembling a compromise was reached.
    Cowardly Lucas just kicked the can down the road.
    A certain group of homeless people will be housed in hotels att taxpayer expense for a clearly defined period of time, after which there is no "plan" whatsoever.
    And once Lucas has folded to their demands, which he had done with group after group, those expectations will never end.
    There's more than adequate shelter for people, numerous job training programs, agencies that help people find work, and government, faith, and nonprofit organizations that provide all kinds of personal services.
    Lucas's notion that his job is that of a social worker is sadly misplaced.
    If that is what he really wants to do, he should resign being mayor and join one of the many organizations that do this kind of work.
    He would of course, find that the salary is much much lower.

  4. Recent polls show Lucas number are now below whale shit.

  5. Wait till the hotels bill the city for damages , it's coming

  6. Were the hotels forced to take them in? What business owner in his/her right mind would allow them to invade and destroy their property??

    1. Maybe already destroyed some, will be their new bitch they have the mayor's #

  7. 12:20, a bandaid compromise is not a solution. It's a very expensive moving of the problem from one location to the other. Can't wait to see what the horde does to those hotel rooms, which they will at some point have to leave. The silly mayor has not done anything of substance here; he hasn't found a home for these people, and he hasn't identified sustainable resources going forward to address the issue.

    Nevertheless, he immediately ran to Twitter to promote his personal brand and crow about what he thinks is a win. That’s obviously his priority. Meanwhile, infrastructure decays and the city explodes with murder.

  8. 12:20 - They blackmailed the mayor and the mayor spent YOUR money to - as 6:46 says, to "kick the can down the road".

    We, taxpaying citizens and society in general, are now constantly forced by the pusillanimous Progressive politicians who are elevated into high station by rigged elections

    (Illegal contributions in kind from BIG TECH along with censorship - The New York Post story is squelched - spin, obfuscation and lies from the 4th Estate - Hunter Biden's laptop in not Hunter Biden's laptop and is Russian disinformation - lies from the Deep State - 50 'Intelligence' Officers call the laptop disinformation - thousands and thousands of dead voters love Joe Biden.)

    to fund outrageous initiatives that reward drug addicts, drunks and indolent, parasites by way of our tax dollars.

    YES, the cops SHOULD hose down the tent city and run the fuckers out of town.

    There are help wanted signs everywhere and if you want to work, you can.

    Are there exceptions? Sure. Have some honest folks found themselves on the downside of advantage? You bet. But we are destroying our cites, especially the liberal ones where the folks in charge have literally gone insane with pay offs to - and you fuckin know I am right, payoffs to bums, drunks, drug addicts and criminals who would be better off long term, if we showed the mercy of much correction and not the tax payer co dependency that we are forced to pay for now.

    1. And black people, chucklowe! Let's not forget about extermination of the vermin! Maybe one day you'll get your wish!

  9. It's time for these people in these "Tent Cities" to experience someone who comes into their life, makes their hearts race and changes their lives forever.

    Those people are called COPS.

  10. Lucas will be reelected easily. Kansas City voters and non voters have a track record of being suckers.

    They get what they vote for and get what they deserve.

  11. 9:20 Whack job weirdo. God you are predictable.

  12. In other news, here is a Latin King, who sued the cops for including him in a "gang" data base.


    He just murdered his neighbor.

    Let's make bail for him on the taxpayer dime.

  13. So, we get to hear about this again 90 days. I feel sorry for the motel owners taking them in. They will regret this. Proof is how they have left both campsites with no concern for trashing city property. The Homeless Union has said they want one of the land bank houses fixed up for them. Have you seen the condition of the current list of available properties? No where near move in ready and lots of major structural problems.

  14. " Attorney Matthew DePerno Releases Michigan Elections Forensics Report - 66,194 Unregistered Ballots Tallied in JUST 9 COUNTIES."

    66,194 votes for the Biden Crime Family from dead people in Michigan.

    "I am so shocked", said no one with above plant life IQ.

  15. ^^^ slowly but surely these things are being found in Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia, the lame stream media is refusing to report all the recounts because they know and helped the bidumb crime family win an election, the corruption is deep. And I can’t wait to see how many millions of votes that will be thrown out. What will be fun to see is who the dimwit party throws under the bus, of course it won’t be the crooks at the top but there will be people going to prison over this.


  16. Free hotel bums already complaining about the slow room service..the choices of free booze in the room refrigerator, and the pillow sizes.. more protests!!

  17. Unfortunately people with. untreated mental illnesses will shun medication and counselling if they are already self medicating. They, like alcoholics and drug addicts do take the path of least resistance which is staying compared and living in squalor. They can't handle responsibility of any kind. They don't want a hand up, they want a hand out. Mental institutions have closed down and some that end up in court appointed guardianship get to live in communities funded by the state trickled down by federal dollars to pay for meds staffing and housing cars and community services which run about 100 thousand a head. I guess giving in to the races is better than a national police brutality against poor disabled persons with drug problems. Some of them can be helped. Collectively, creates a one size fits all attitude. The ones that WILLINGLY accept the help should get help. The rest are happy to stay compared at everyone's expense. This global labeling is bull crap. Everyone gets offended and keep the one side or other attitude. If the mayor would actually work with some of the legitimate advocates they could house the hopefuls and let the rest see that they can better their situation instead of the current have to play politics attitude.

  18. Impared in above comments. Vs compared.

  19. Kansas City got federal money that will help pay for the homeless people’s hotel rooms. That means the hotels will bill the city full or inflated prices for the rooms. They won’t be getting discounted rates from Expedia or other services. So hopefully that extra money will help them clean up and recarpet the rooms after the homeless move out.


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